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Hit Bandit is a manual traffic exchange where every effort is made to ensure that all visitors to your site are real people, not just computer programs! You view other members' pages, and in return, they view yours. Every time your site is viewed by another member it costs you one credit, and you earn credits by viewing other members' pages.

Moreover, for every 15 pages you view, you get a chance to play the Bandit where you can win extra credits to get even more visitors.

win 10000 credits

Every time you get one Bandit, you win two credits, for two Bandits you win six credits, but for three Bandits you win 50 credits, and get one entry for the draw of the monthly jackpot of 10000 credits! There are many other jackpot prizes too - a second prize of 5000 credits in the monthly draw, a weekly jackpot of 1000 credits, and many more.

Think how your life might change if you could get 10000 visitors to your site tomorrow!

Also consider how long it would take you to click for 10000 page views at any other manual traffic exchange.

Hit Bandit has a large cross section of members so your site will be viewed by many different people. Remember, they are all real people just like you, not just computer registration of hits - if you don't believe me, just join for free and try it out.

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