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manual traffic

Hit Bandit is a manual traffic exchange where every effort is made to ensure that all visitors to your site are REAL people, not just computer programs! You view other members' pages, and in return, they view yours. Every time your site is viewed by another member it costs you one credit, and you earn credits by viewing other members' pages.

You can be certain that only real people are viewing your sites by all the built-in anti-cheat mechanisms.

Firstly, there's the manual click safeguard: after every page viewed you have to choose the correct word from a list, before viewing the next page. Note that this is not a simple pattern match (which is relatively easy to cheat with a "bot") as on some manual surf exchanges. This also ensures that your audience are actually English-speaking - very few traffic exchanges can give you this simple guarantee.

Secondly, after every 15 pages you get to play the Bandit, where you can win extra credits, but you only get back to surfing if you press the right buttons in the right order - don't worry, this is very easy for humans but extremely difficult for computers.

Thirdly, every now and then there's a Surfing Check - you can win real cash if you know what the previous site was about. This ensures that your site is not just SEEN but also NOTICED.

And lastly, there are loads of other anti-cheat mechanisms that only would-be cheaters will ever notice, so I won't bore you with the details here.

To show how real our traffic is, see the last 15 pages seen by Hit Bandit surfers.

ad space

You can advertise in different ways on Hit Bandit, not just displaying your site but also showing banners or text ads, and sending messages. This gives you several ways to get the surfer's attention, and get them to your site.

For every site shown there is one full-size standard banner shown, along with one regular text ad of 54 characters. These are shown for the same length of time as the site itself.

And by sending messages to other members you can give your website an introduction, or explanation, or highlight key features.

You can also show your site in our PTC (paid-to-click) section.

In other words, there's loads of ad space at Hit Bandit!

manual traffic exchange

Some people stick to auto-surf exchanges because they think manual surfing is boring. But nothing is boring at Hit Bandit!

Every 15 pages you get one free chance to play the Bandit - you can win extra credits, or cash, or just have fun! And you can win credits and earn cash in other ways too!

Just join for free and try out our high quality manual traffic exchange. Click on 'Join' in the menu above. - Your Free Traffic Exchange - 1:1 Exchange Ratio, 5-Tier Referral Program. FREE Advertising!
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