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Regular Surfer Bonus

As a free member, you normally earn 2 credits for every 5 pages you surf, in other words 0.4 credits per page viewed, or 2:5 ratio.

However, if you surf daily you can earn much more:

  • If you surfed at least 30 pages yesterday, you get a 10% bonus today, so you earn 0.4 + 10% credits per page viewed,
  • If you surfed at least 150 pages in the past two days then you get a (further) 10% bonus today,
  • If you surfed at least 450 pages in the last three days in total, you get an extra bonus of 20% today, on top of any other bonuses.

So if you surf 150 pages daily you will quickly reach a regular surfer bonus of

10% + 10% + 20% = 40%!

How many other traffic exchanges offer you this sort of bonus?

The most important bonus that you get by surfing daily, though, is that your sites are shown more often. Hit Bandit's advanced site selection mechanism gives priority to sites from regular surfers, whilst your sites are NOT shown repeatedly to the same surfer.

Claim your regular surfer bonus: just join for free. Click on 'Join' in the menu above. - Your Free Traffic Exchange - 1:1 Exchange Ratio, 5-Tier Referral Program. FREE Advertising!
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