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Free Hits at Hit Bandit

Hit Bandit has a lot to offer you:

  • manual traffic exchange with sites, banners, and text ads,
  • PTC ads worth up to 2 cents per click,
  • geo targeting for your ads,
  • newsletter ads,
  • free easy-to-use rotator for your sites,
  • loads of prize pages: win cash or credits in different ways,
  • BonusDays! Get 20% extra bonus on Mondays and Thursdays!
  • advertise up to 7 sites, 7 banners, and 7 text ads,
  • personalized promotional pages with your own name and photo,
  • Messaging: read messages for cash or credits, send messages to other members,
  • buy cheap traffic on the credit exchange
  • or sell unneeded credits on the credit exchange to boost your cash earnings,
  • guaranteed real English-speaking visitors.

In addition, Hit Bandit offers a range of upgrades: Topaz Member, Sapphire Member, Ruby Member, and Diamond Member. More information is available under the 'Upgrades' link above.

Or, for a small fee, get YOUR website seen by all surfers as first site for an entire day.

These are just some of the benefits of the best manual traffic exchange around.

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